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GWWS has been filling the needs of the water treatment industry for close to 20 years. We cover all types of water treatment. Our applications cover industrial and commercial sectors and our water solutions treat both suspended solids and dissolved solids, including iron, manganese, arsenic, boron, silica, nitrate, hardness and high TDS. Learn more about our water technology solutions below.

Desalination Plants

Desalination plants form the core of our business.  Our turnkey custom solutions provide desalination for up to 1,250,000 GPD.  We guarantee the most efficient and  quality product, design and services suitable for the most challenging environments.  In addition, we offer BOO and BOT options for qualified clients.

Water Treatment Solutions

GWWS has provided water treatment solutions for all business sectors for over 20 years.  Our engineering solutions draw from a number of water treatment technologies to meet your water quality needs. 

Waste Water Solutions

We offer a full range of biological treatment plants, including conventional activated sludge plants, extended aeration plants, SBR's and  our proprietary TFEA (Trickling Filter Extended Aeration) technology.  We are one of a few companies in North America which meet Class A Standards.

Water Purification Treatment
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