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Reverse Osmosis _ Desalination.  500 day

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis forms the core of our business. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we have acquired a high level of expertise with a wide range of processes and technologies.  Our engineers draw on this expertise to design highly customized and efficient  solutions for your water production needs, regardless of the environmental challenges involved in a project.   Our highly adaptive engineering skills enable us to design to spec, while meeting and exceeding all water quality standards and production regulations in force.   

Sea Water and Brackish Water Desalination Plants

One of GWWS’s largest applications of RO technology is sea water and brackish water desalination. Our turnkey custom solutions provide desalination plants capable of producing up to 1,250,000 GPD. Our engineers integrate proven models with the latest advances in technology and can be counted on to meet and exceed all standards of water production. 


Boron Removal Systems

The World Health Organization’s latest standards on potable water state that boron concentrations  must not exceed 0.5 mg/L. GWWS’s proprietary High Boron Removal  membrane technology is specifically designed to meet this standard. With an average salt rejection rate of 99.8%  and a boron rejection rate averaging 91% - 93%, our proprietary membrane technology performance ranks among the highest in the industry.  Furthermore, our High Boron Removal membranes can be used to bring existing RO systems into compliance with the WHO’s recent boron level recommendations. For situations where feed water boron concentrations are excessively high, we can integrate RO with ion exchange technology.


Silica Removal Systems​  

Silica oxide (SiO2) is found in surface and well water in the range of 1 - 100 MG/L. Silica is considered to be colloidal in nature because of the way it reacts with adsorbents.  When silica evaporates at high temperatures, such as during industrial processes, silica residue can incur higher maintenance and repair costs in the operation of industrial machinery.  To solve this common industrial problem, GWWS  has developed a proprietary High Silica Removal RO membrane element that exhibits excellent salt rejection performance, and is especially useful in the treatment of water intended for use in industrial applications.  

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