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Press Release: March 2020

GWWS CEO Mohamed El Sarty, and Dr. Ahmed Abdel Hamid, CEO of DM Development

DM Development announces the contract award of the Hilton Groove Project to GWWS.   GWWS will carry out all infrastructure work for The Groove, including all  water and wastewater  treatment plants and water tanks, all facilities, networks,  swimming pools, artificial lakes and beach services, with a total value of 15 Million USD.

About GWWS

GWWS  provides solutions for all aspects of waste water and water treatment. Our engineering expertise can be counted on to provide cost effective and reliable solutions to any water and wastewater treatment need. We provide in-depth analysis of your project, and provide solutions which are cost effective and best suited to meet the challenges posed by your environment, be it regulatory, environmental or both.  


We use the highest quality equipment, installation protocols and project management procedures, and offer post sales technical support and comprehensive service plans that will insure your equipment continues to meet the highest standards of quality during its lifetime.  GWWS solutions are guaranteed to meet the water quality guidelines as set out by the World Health Organization. 

The GWWS Advantage

  • We adhere to US and Canadian guidelines in quality control standards and procedures.

  • We use only the highest quality materials in the industry. All components and materials are subject to stringent quality control inspection upon delivery, pre-installation and post installation. 

  • Our services comply with all specifications and restrictions issued worldwide to the latest edition.

  • All products used in a design are backed by manufacturer warranty. 

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