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BOO (Build, Own, Operate)  Finance Programs 

We know that water treatment and purification is a necessity to most industry,  and without affordable solutions, profitability can be significantly limited.  In order to make this essential technology accessible to more businesses, we have worked on creative financing solutions.   So that wastewater management and water purification technology is accessible to a wider range of clients, all our engineering solutions are available on a BOO (Build, Own, Operate) finance model, making the high costs traditionally associated with water production, more affordable for all businesses.

GWWS makes water treatment solutions financially and logistically feasible by offering BOO programs (Build, Own, Operate) for qualified clients. BOO contracts are based on a 15-30 year life-cycle, during which time your water treatment needs are managed by GWWS dedicated engineers and water treatment technicians. 


GWWS designs and builds your water treatment or wastewater treatment plant to specifications, assumes all operation and maintenance costs, and guarantees that product water meets the quality and quantities, as specified, throughout the duration of the contract.  BOO financing models appeal to many clients.  With no upfront capital expenditures, and the peace of mind knowing that your plant’s day-to-day operations and maintenance will be assumed by certified plant engineers and technicians, there is no better model for meeting your company’s water and waste water needs. 

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